The new RT-Viewer makes cooperation easier.

The demands on modern radiotherapy are high, not only in terms of radiotherapy itself, but also regarding the cooperation of all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment process.

Therefore, image documents and the complex therapy plans should be, whenever possible, available to all persons involved in a flexible manner and in high quality.

A good DlCOM RT-Viewer should make that possible. The manufacturer dependence of viewers and complex software requirements are often in conflict with this demand.

CHILI's new web-based and manufacturer-independent DICOM RT-Viewer enables an easy and flexible cooperation on the highest quality level.


The new CHILI RT-Viewer does not only enable visualization and analysis of therapy plans irrespective of the planning system, it has another advantage: Even the storage in the PACS and the revision-safe long time archiving do not depend on a specific radiotherapy planning system. This facilitates a system change and makes the entire data handling much easier.


  • Standardized interface with radiotherapy systems using the DICOM RT protocol
  • Revision-safe archiving of all plans in the CHILI PACS



  • Quality improvement due to availability of the plans at all workplaces within the institution
  • Cost saving due to archiving in the PACS instead of in the planning workstation
  • Workflow optimization


Cooperation is very important in radiotherapy. It is often necessary that physicians from the hospital involved in a patient's treatment or office-based specialists need to look at the specific images or the entire radiotherapy plan. No problem – even without access to the radiotherapy planning system. The new CHILI RT-Viewer does not require an extra software installation. It is web-based and enables a fast visualization of images and therapy plans at any time and any location.


  • Visualization of plans at the CHILI workstations
  • Radiotherapy plans in the web-based in-house image distribution
  • Access for all clinicians using the Internet browser



  • Simple access to data via Internet browser from any in-house workplace
  • No installation on the part of the client
  • Concurrent visualization of current image data and plans
  • Plans are made available to referring physicians via safe web access via Internet


Therapy plans are to be discussed with other experts or comparisons are to be made between before and after treatment. The new CHILI RT-Viewer enables such working on the highest level. Because it displays radiotherapy plans, irrespective of the planning systems by which they have been generated, with all differentiated visualization variants – whether in the field of conventional therapy or in brachytherapy.


  • External radiotherapy and brachytherapy plans
  • Visualization and analysis of
    • target volumes and risk organs (VOIs)
    • Dose distributions
    • Dose-volume histograms (DVH)
    • RT beams (radiation fields)
    • RT plan informationtarget volumes and risk organs (VOIs)


  • The plans contain all relevant data and structures
  • It is not necessary to move to the radiotherapy department just to see the plans


Field proven

We were happy to work with CHILI on the development of a new viewer because we had repeatedly been faced with the limits of the previous RT-Viewers in daily routine.
This one is not only DICOM-based, which is important but not the only important feature.

Its operation is manufacturer-independent, but still all details of treatment plans are visualized. All users can simply retrieve the plans in the Internet browser.

This viewer thus improves the cooperation between experts of various disciplines, which is so important in radiotherapy.
Our experiences with the new CHILI RT-viewer in practical routine are very convincing.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Debus, Science-Medical Director of the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center (HIT)

Viewing of radiotherapy plans throughout the department. The Department of Radiation Oncology at the Klinikum rechts der Isar expects radiation plans to be displayed not only at expensive special workstations but at all workplaces of the Department.

Since the normal radiological workplaces and the available image distribution are unable to visualize such plans, we looked for a product that brings the RT data to any workplace using the web browser.

Almost all planning systems support the international DICOM RT standard for data exchange. This alone does not guarantee a trouble-free communication, since all systems of different manufacturers interpreted and implemented the standard in a different manner, as it happened in the early phase of DICOM.

With its RT-Viewer, CHILI has not only managed to consolidate individual DICOM RT interpretations of different systems on the communication level, but also to display the complex data. No other system was able to do this so far, except the radiotherapy planning system itself.

As CHILI developed this viewer together with radiation therapists, we consider all our requirements to be met.

Prof. Dr. med. Stephanie E. Combs Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universität, Munich, Germany
Professor and Chair and Director, Institute of Innovative Radiotherapy (iRT)

User report

Learn more about the suitability of the new RT-Viewer for routine use.  The user report from the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center (HIT) informs about the first experiences with the use of the viewer.


Read user report

User manual

Any queries about individual functions and solutions? Consult the user manual of the new RT-Viewer. Or contact us directly.


Read user manual


The radiotherapy planning system sends data to the CHILI system using DICOM C-Store.

The radiation system has to send the data in the DICOM RT-Format.

So far, the following systems have been connected successfully:

  • Pinnacle³ (by Philips Healthcare)
  • Oncentra MasterPlan - External Beam and Brachy Therapy (by Nucletron)
  • Eclipse -Treatment Planning System (by Varian Medical Systems)
  • Virtuos (German Cancer Research Center DKFZ)
  • TomoTherapy Hi-Art System (by Accuray)
  • Syngo RT Planning System -Oncology Care Solutions (by Siemens Healthcare)

We connect any system that supports the DICOM RT-Format and is able to send data via DICOM C-Store. Adjustments that may have to be performed will be done without charge as part of the contract.

You just need an Internet browser.

No, a customary PC is sufficient as all calculations and visualizations are performed on the server.

Data that are in the CHILI PACS can be archived in a revision-safe manner.

No, the RT viewer can only visualize completed plans in a very high quality outside radiotherapy.

No, the CHILI RT-Viewer is only used for the visualization but not for the postprocessing of plans.

No, the system can be combined with any PACS.

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